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FIN3332 - Real Estate Fundamentals

FIN3332 is designed to introduce the field of real estate by surveying the basic concepts of real property rights, markets, and valuation. The course introduces these concepts by observing the practical aspects of real estate investments including ownership structures, financing methods and industry components. The course is aimed at providing a broad structure of knowledge that students can build upon by pursuing further real estate course work.

FIN3334 - Real Estate Finance

FIN 3334 focuses on the instruments, techniques, and institutions of real estate finance; sources of funds; mortgage risk analysis; emphasis on typical policies and procedures used in financing of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. The course also examines the valuation of various mortgage instruments and mortgage-related securities.

FIN3393 - Real Estate Law

FIN 3393 is designed to provide an overview of Texas real estate law from a practical, investment-based perspective. Topics covered by the course include legal reasoning, legal writing and the role of substantive law in the real estate industry.  Rather than focusing on specific laws, students will broadly examine how the legal professional supplements other facets of the commercial real estate industry. The course will expose students to legal theories and practical applications, allowing students to consider the topics in the context of real-world real estate investments.

FIN4333 - Real Estate Appraisal

FIN 4333 is designed to introduce the economic theories of value applied to real estate.  This course incorporates real estate markets, social and economic determinants of value and the three recognized appraisal approaches: sales comparison, cost and income approaches to value. The course is directed toward preparing the student for appraisal licensing and/or designation. In addition, this course will prepare students for further study in real estate or allow them to use it as a foundation for entry into the real estate field.

FIN4335 - Real Estate Investments

FIN4335 is designed to provide students with an overview of issues related to financing, and investing in, commercial real estate. The course will develop the student’s understanding of commercial real estate as an investment asset and a profession, and approach the subject with both theoretical and “real world” applications.  Central to the course is the objective of providing the student with the tools necessary to undertake a comprehensive analysis of a real estate investment opportunity, as well as exposure to issues that arise in the real estate investment environment.

FIN5332 - Fundamentals of Real Estate

FIN5332 is designed to examine legal, economic, and practical issues related to commercial real estate investments. The course will cover aspects of real property law, finance, valuation, and investment analysis. The material will also consider the microeconomics of real estate transactions, with an emphasis on the strategic behaviors and relationships of the parties to these transactions. The course will expose students to academic theory and practical applications, allowing students to consider the topics in the context of real-world transactions. Central to the course is the objective of providing the student with the tools necessary to undertake a comprehensive analysis of a real estate investment opportunity, as well as exposure to issues that arise in the real estate investment environment. 

FIN5345 - Real Estate Analysis

FIN 5345 covers the theory and practice of real estate investment decision making. While particular attention is given to the tools and techniques necessary to undertake real estate investment analysis for commercial properties, many of these same concepts can be readily applied within the residential marketplace.